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Squeaky Clean

Car Detailing in Austin

Get Your Car Detailed Without the Swirls Here in Austin

Scratch-Free Car Detailing
in Austin

Of course, detailing a car is not difficult. However, there are proper and improper ways to detail your car. After all, 90 percent of scratches and swirls come when washing your vehicle. 

Now if you're wanting a quick, cheap option then we probably won't be the best fit for you. Unlike your usual $20 automated car wash, we follow a more thorough detail process, giving you the best results. All of our details are done by hand with a clean premium wash mitt.

We call it Squeaky Clean because we do more than your typical automated car wash in Austin. We get into the nooks and crannies like lug nuts, gas door, the handle on your trunk, above your license plate, etc. Our car detailing process safely removes all dirt, grime, and debris from the vehicle while greatly reducing the chance of scratches and swirls!

Chevy Silverado that received our Squeaky Clean service

Importance of a Scratch-Free Car Detail

Most people don't realize how detailing their car improperly will impact their vehicle's value. When appraisers look at a vehicle the first thing they look for is imperfections in the paint. This could be rock chips, scratches, swirls, sun fade, and more. 

Going through an automatic car wash, and even some of the self serve car washes, can cause these scratches and swirls that will decrease the value of your vehicle.

The best way to prevent scratches and swirls is by following proper car detailing practices. After the wash it's best to protect your vehicle's paint with a wax or ceramic to prevent sun fading and keep your vehicle cleaner longer.


If you already have scratches and swirls you can get most of these removed with a paint correction. We offer this service within our Do Over package and the service is preformed in our shop located in Austin.

Car Detailing Process

Clean Rims, Tires,
and Lug Nuts



Contact Wash with
Foam Cannon & Quality
Wash Mitts


Clean Exterior Widows and Mirrors 


Pre-Rinse to Remove Bugs an Bird Droppings


Dry Vehicle Using Premium Drying Towel


Dress Tires to Protect and Look Great

Pricing Guide



Kia K5 showing as an example of a Sedan

(Toyota Camry/ Hyundai Elantra)




Genesis GV80 showing as an example of a SUV

(Nissan Rouge/ Chevrolet Equinox)




Ram TRX showing as an example of a truck

( GMC Sierra/ Ford Expedition)


Other Services

$350 - $400

Service photo for our Wash & Wax service

Wash & Wax

Get an amazing shine on your ride! This Package includes a deep exterior clean, clay bar, and finished off with a Carnauba Wax!

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$125 - $175

Service photo for our Standard Interior Detail service

Standard Interior Detail

Our entry level interior service that includes vacuuming the full interior, cleaning of plastics and leather, and cleaning of interior windows.

Read More

$80 - $110

Service photo for our Storm View Service

Storm View

Don't let the rain obstruct your view. Storm View will give you a hydrophobic layer assisting your wiper blades in keeping your windows rain free.

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Squeaky Clean FAQs

Are you mobile?

Yes we are a fully equipped mobile detailing squad. We can perform the detail at your home, apartment, or work. We service Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Hutto, Manor, Buda, Bee Cave, Cedar Park, and more. 

There's is no fee for us to come to you, however, there may be a minimum service required depending on how far you are. You can also choose to drop your vehicle off to one of our locations.

Does this have a wax?

We use a soap that does contain a carnauba wax to improve the glossy look of the vehicle. This wax usually last around a week or two. If you want a longer lasting wax with more protection, check out our Wash & Wax package

How long will the detail take?

This process will vary from vehicle to vehicle. Depending on the state of the vehicle, it can range from thirty minutes to two hours. 

Can I book multiple vehicles?

Yes you can book multiple vehicle with us. Depending on the number of vehicles, it could be a multi day process. We also offer services to commercial fleets.


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