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Extreme Interior Detail

Auto Detailing in Austin TX

The Most Intense Cleaning Your Car Will Get

Get Your Ride's Interior Better Than The Dealership

Interior of a Mazda with the seat missing and half way through our Extreme Interior Detail

The Extreme Interior Detail is exactly as it sounds, EXTREME! We know we can get a car looking good but we know that we can take it a step farther. In this service we go over every inch with a magnify glass and do everything to bring it to that "fresh off the lot" feel. 

It starts by removing any personal items and large debris. From there we remove the seats to get to the areas below and behind them. Then it's on the the true cleaning, shampooing and dressing. When all is set and done you'll return to a car that you don't even recognize. 

This is a pretty lengthy process and is recommended for those that are looking to sell their vehicle or just acquired a used vehicle. It's also great for parents that are wanting to regain that clean feeling in their car, and don't worry, we've definitely seen worse!

Service Process


Remove Personal Items 
& Large Debris


Vacuum and Extract Seats and Carpet


Dress Plastic &
Condition Leather


Remove Floor Mats
and Seats 


Clean All Plastics
And Leather


Install Seats 
and Floor Mats

Pricing Guide

Price is Based On Vehicle Size and Condition



Kia K5 showing as an example of a Sedan

(Toyota Camry/ Hyundai Elantra)




Genesis GV80 showing as an example of a SUV

(Nissan Rouge/ Chevrolet Equinox)




Ram TRX showing as an example of a Truck

( GMC Sierra/ Ford Expedition)


Other Services

$800 - $1400

Service Photo for our Do Over service

Do Over (1-5 Year Ceramic)

Get the maximum clarity out of your paint again! We machine polish your ride removing 80% or more of scratches and swirls. Finished with your choice of a 1 year or 5 year Ceramic

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$125 - $175

Service photo for our Standard Interior Detail service

Standard Interior Detail

Our entry level interior service that includes vacuuming the full interior, cleaning of plastics and leather, and cleaning of interior windows.


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$70 - $90

Service photo for our Engine Bay Cleaning service

Engine Bay Cleaning

Keep your engine fresh and spiffy. We get rid of the overlaying dirt and grease on your engine then add a protectant that leaves it looking like it just left the dealership.

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Extreme Interior Detail FAQs

Are you mobile?

Yes we are a fully equipped mobile detailing squad. We can perform the detail at your home, apartment, or work. We service Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Hutto, Manor, Buda, Bee Cave, Cedar Park, and more. 

For this service however, it is recommended that you leave your vehicle with us at one of our 2 locations.

Can you remove all the stains?

It depends on the type of stain, how long it's been there, and the material it's on. With our knowledge, tools, and products, we are able to remove 90 percent of stains most times.

How long will the detail take?

This process will vary from vehicle to vehicle. Depending on the state and size of the vehicle, it can range from four to seven hours. 

Will I smell chemicals once the detail is done?

The only thing you'll smell once we complete the detail is the scent of your choice. We ensure to use chemicals that are safe for the interior and don't linger. 


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