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Overspray Removal

Auto Detailing in Austin TX

Rid Your Car of Overspray

Wondering What Those Small Dots Are On Your Paint? It's Most Likely Paint Overspray

If you are seeing small colored specs on your paint and it feels a little rough when you slide your hand across it, then you probably have paint overspray. This overspray usually comes from driving near construction sites or areas where they are preforming exterior painting. In certain cities, like Austin, you're more likely to get overspray due to the amount on construction happening. 

When a car obtains paint overspray, it's usually across the entire vehicle. This it's fun to see and can be a pain to remove, and if you plan on waxing or ceramic coating your vehicle, all paint overspray must be removed. 

Porsche rear driver tire covered in paint overspray
Porsche rear driver tire clean after our overspray removal service

Take the Proper Step to Protect Your Car's Paint

Don't go picking at the paint overspray or try using a towel, brush or plastic razor to remove it. All this will do is instill scratches and swirl in your vehicle's paint. 


Instead contact your local detailer and ask if they offer overspray removal. We are in the Austin Metro Area and can help you if you get paint overspray on your vehicle.


Paint overspray can be tricky and may be difficult to remove depending on the type of surface it's on. There's times that the overspray is bad enough that extra steps are required including chemically removing and polishing.  

Service Process

Clean Rims, Tires,
and Wheel Wells



Contact Wash with
Foam Cannon & Quality
Wash Mitts


Remove Overspray
Based on Surface


Pre-Rinse to Remove Bugs an Bird Droppings


Dry Vehicle Using Premium Drying Towel


Repeat Steps

Pricing Guide



Kia K5 showing as an example of a Sedan

(Toyota Camry/ Hyundai Elantra)




Genesis GV80 showing as an example of a SUV

(Nissan Rouge/ Chevrolet Equinox)




Ram TRX showing as an example of a truck

( GMC Sierra/ Ford Expedition)


Other Services

$800 - $1400

Get the maximum clarity out of your paint again! We machine polish your ride removing 80% or more of scratches and swirls. Finished with your choice of a 1 year or 5 year Ceramic

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Service photo for our Do Over Service

Do Over (1-5 Year Ceramic)

$250 - $350

Our most common interior service. In this we clean all plastics and leather, shampoo carpets and seats, condition plastics and leather, and clean all interior windows/glass.

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Service photo for our Deep Interior Detail service

Deep Interior Detail

$70 - $90

Keep your engine fresh and spiffy. We get rid of the overlaying dirt and grease on your engine then add a protectant that leaves it looking like it just left the dealership.

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Service photo for our Engine Bay Cleaning service

Engine Bay Cleaning

Overspray Removal FAQs

Are you mobile?

Yes we are a fully equipped mobile detailing squad. We can perform the detail at your home, apartment, or work. We service Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Hutto, Manor, Buda, Bee Cave, Cedar Park, and more. 

Can you remove overspray from plastics, wheels, and glass?

We have the ability to remove overspray from the paint, glass, plastics, etc... However, this doesn't mean we will be able to remove 100% of the overspray. There are some areas, like the tire tread for example, that are more problematic and may not be able to achieve 100% removal. With this said, we aim to get each car as close to perfect as possible. 

How long will the detail take?

This process will vary from vehicle to vehicle. Depending on the state and size of the vehicle, it can range from four to seven hours. 

Does this remove scratches and swirls?

This service will not remove scratches and swirls they way our Do Over will. The primary focus for this service is to rid the overspray on your vehicle. 


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