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Waterspot Removal

Auto Detailing in Austin TX

No More Hard Water Spots

Austin Is Notorious for Having Hard Water
Which Leads to Hard Water Spots

Hard water is water that has a high count of dissolved minerals, usually Calcium and Magnesium. If this water dries on your car, you'll begin to see hard water spots. Now you may not realize this, but these hard water spots eat away at your car's paint. If not removed, these spots could etch into your clear coat leaving you with one option to remove them, Polishing.

If in Austin contact us, or contact your local detailer and ask if they offer hard water spot removal. There's a few things you can do to help prevent hard water spots. Our first recommendation is getting a wax applied to your paint. This will create a hydrophobic layer on your vehicle's paint. 

If you plan on having your car for more than five years and want to better protect your vehicle, we recommend our second option, a ceramic coating. This is the ultimate form of protection, aside from Paint Protection Film (PPF), that has unrivaled hydrophobic properties and will prevent hard water, like here in Austin, from leaving spots on your vehicle. With us you can choose between a 1 year and a 5 year coating in our Do Over service.

Service Process

Clean Rims, Tires,
and Wheel Wells



Contact Wash with
Foam Cannon & Quality
Wash Mitts


Remove Water Spots
Based on Surface


Pre-Rinse to Remove Bugs an Bird Droppings


Dry Vehicle Using Premium Drying Towel


Repeat Steps

Pricing Guide



Kia K5 showing an as example of a Sedan

(Toyota Camry/ Hyundai Elantra)




Genesis GV80 showing as an example of a SUV

(Nissan Rouge/ Chevrolet Equinox)




Ram TRX showing as an example of a truck

( GMC Sierra/ Ford Expedition)


Other Services

$350 - $400

Get an amazing shine on your ride! This Package includes a deep exterior clean, clay bar, and finished off with a Carnauba Wax!

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Service Photo for our Wash & Wax service

Wash & Wax

$125 - $175

Our entry level interior service that includes vacuuming the full interior, cleaning of plastics and leather, and cleaning of interior windows.

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Service photo for our Standard Interior Detail service

Standard Interior Detail

$40 - $50

Tired of foggy and yellowed headlights? Then this is the service for you. We make headlights look like they came from the dealership.

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Service photo for our Headlight Restoration service

Headlight Restoration

Water Spot Removal FAQs

Are you mobile?

Yes we are a fully equipped mobile detailing squad. We can perform the detail at your home, apartment, or work. We service Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Hutto, Manor, Buda, Bee Cave, Cedar Park, and more. 

Can you remove water spots from plastics, wheels, and glass?

We have the ability to remove water spots from the paint, glass, plastics, etc... However, this doesn't mean we will be able to remove 100% of the water spots. There are some areas, like the lug nuts for example, that are more problematic and may not be able to achieve 100% removal. With this said, we aim to get each car as close to perfect as possible. 

How long will the detail take?

This process will vary from vehicle to vehicle. Depending on the state and size of the vehicle, it can range from four to seven hours. 

How can I prevent water spots? 

To prevent water spots we recommend one of 2 things, a wax or a ceramic coating. Both of these offer hydrophobic properties that will combat hard water spots.


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